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Apple's Privacy Battle With Facebook An All-Out War

Apple's Privacy Battle With Facebook An All-Out War

Apple and Facebook may be two of tech's biggest companies, but on the surface they seem very different. Apple rang up most of its $274.5 billion in sales last year pushing iPhones, iPads, Mac computers and AirPods headphones. Facebook, meanwhile, sells few devices, and instead made nearly all its $85.9 billion from targeted online advertising. 

But there is one area where they cross paths, and now are crossing swords: the privacy of the people who use their products. And it's led to bitter words between their top execs.

On Monday, Apple released an update for its iPhones and iPads that strikes deep at the advertising world. The new operating software, with the relatively benign names iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, requires that app developers explicitly ask for permission to track users' behavior across the Apple's App Store and internet. That strikes deep at Facebook's business, which has been built over the past decade on technology designed to do exactly that, whether its users know it or not.

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