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Chris Brown’s Birthday Party Shut Down By Police, Over 400 People Forced To Leave

Chris Brown’s Birthday Party Shut Down By Police, Over 400 People Forced To Leave

Chris Brown's 32nd birthday celebration, which was also on Cinco de Mayo, ended abruptly after neighbors filed a noise complaint.

According to a report from TMZ on Thursday (May 6), the LAPD shut down Breezy's festivities at his San Fernando Valley, Calif. home early this morning at around 2 a.m. Apparently, law enforcement received a disturbance call about loud music and improperly parked cars near the singer's home.

A rep for the LAPD confirmed the noise complaint and crowd dispersal with XXL this afternoon. The rep said, "Officers responded to a loud noise call in the 19600 block of Citrus Ridge and disperse a large crowd. No incidents reported."

The outlet claims that when police arrived at the home, officers spoke with Chris Brown's security. The music was turned down, but that resulted in the party actually ending. The cops also estimated that there were between 400 and 500 people in attendance at the function.

In video footage obtained by TMZ, a fleet of LAPD cars and trucks are seen outside of Chris Brown's home, in addition to numerous luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz's and Range Rover trucks trying to make their way out of Breezy's neighborhood. Some of the cars parked illegally were ticketed.

There was a helicopter hovering over the premises as well.

Apparently, due to prior incidents that have transpired at the Slime & B artist's home, four police cars and a supervisor were sent to Breezy's residence following the noise disturbance call.

Previous incidents that happened at his home includes police doing a welfare check at Breezy's mansion in 2019 after he revealed his address online while feuding with Offset and his home being searched in 2016 and law enforcement discovering guns and drugs.

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