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Hustle & Motivate Podcast 0001: Silas Odhiambo From Ahero Kenya

Welcome to this episode of Hustle & Motivate, where we connect with a fellow hustler in their own rights who is making mountains move and sharing their journeys.

Meet Silas Odhiambo from Ahero Kenya. He is a philanthropist who has helped many widows, orphans and the disenfranchised throughout Kenya. How does he manage to get this tremendous task completed?

Only through his trust in I AM and the generosity of many kind helpers from within the kingdom. Even when poverty is all around you and the mission seems insurmountable, I AM provides a way. All you have to do is take a step out on that boat and make that miraculous walk across those waves like our friend here shows.

Please share and connect with us as we make some miracles happen in our villages.. Thank You & God Bless The HustleMan from the Village

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