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Is Dr. Dre Really Gay?

Is Dr. Dre Really Gay?

Legendary US record producer cum rapper Dr. Dre is facing claims of hiding his gay sexuality.

The gay claims against Dre were made by his former Death Row Records producer, Curtis Couthon during a recent interview on the ‘Art Of Dialogue’.

Couthon claimed that the ‘Still Dre’ rapper was busted by his ex fiance, Michel’les who had placed a phone call to her bedroom and to her surprise it was picked up by a man.

Michel’les then requested to speak to her man to which Dr. Dre came up in line.

The incident which took place decades ago pissed her off and she had to share it with late rap icon Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight who were all members of Dr. Dre’s label ‘Death Row Records’.

Miche’le has however rubbished the allegations as unfounded.

As an inhouse producer Curtis went ahead and described the happenings at the recording stable as ‘Mafia like’.

He made it clear that he was present when Miche’le reached out to the late Tupac and Suge concerning the incident of Dr. Dre being in bed with another man.

In fact, both Tupac and Suge were curious if Dre had ever ‘done anything gay’ after rumours started flying on Dre’s sexuality.

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