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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Paused

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Paused

People who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the last few weeks shouldn’t be nervous, federal officials said, despite the nationwide pause on administering the shots after six reports of a rare type of blood clot. But they should keep an eye out for possible warning signs.

The six cases were in women ages 18 to 48 who developed symptoms six to 13 days after receiving the shots. One died, and another patient is in critical condition, Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said Tuesday.

All the women developed a type of clot called a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, or CVST — a blood clot in the vessels that drain blood from the brain — combined with low levels of blood platelets, or thrombocytopenia, according to the FDA and the CDC.

For those who received the Johnson & Johnson shot within the last few weeks, it’s important to be alert for symptoms.

The symptoms include:

  • severe headache
  • abdominal pain
  • leg pain
  • shortness of breath

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