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Lavar Ball Speaks 3 Sons Joining The NBA into Existence!!

Lavar Ball Speaks 3 Sons Joining The NBA into Existence!!

Now if 2020 Hasn't been Crazy enough for you, here's some more exciting news for the fathers of 3 sons around the world.

Lavar Ball has finally won his poker face by getting all 3 of his sons an NBA Contract. Earlier today, it was reported that Lavar's middle son Liangelo Ball Signed a 1 Year deal to play with those Bad Boys from Detroit on the Pistons.

The Same team Michael Jordan had to beat to become the GOAT II, is now the same team that Liangelo will be playing for. I bet we can't wait to see that matchup which will probably come faster than that 1 on 1 vs Jordan.

Earlier last month, Lavar's youngest son Lamelo Ball was selected by the Charlotte Hornets which is a team owned by Michael Jordan.  Lavars oldest son Lonzo Ball plays alongside Zion Williamson for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Which Team will you be rooting for this year? Team Lonzo, Team Gelo or Team Melo? Well we are all now looking forward to which team will eventually land all 3 boys together on the same team one day.

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