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RAM TRX Pickup Spotted At Tesla’s Fremont Factory In Apparent Cybertruck Benchmark Tests

RAM TRX Pickup Spotted At Tesla’s Fremont Factory In Apparent Cybertruck Benchmark Tests

It appears that Tesla is conducting some benchmark testing on one of the world’s most aggressive and powerful pickup trucks today. Based on recent images and footage from the Fremont Factory, Tesla is putting what appears to be a RAM 1500 TRX through the paces at its test track, potentially as part of the Cybertruck’s development. 

The images were captured by Tesla enthusiast and drone operator Gabeincal, who has been providing updates on the company’s Fremont facilities over the past year. During a recent flyover of the facility’s test track, the drone operator was able to locate a truck that looks very similar to the RAM 1500 TRX, arguably the best pickup in the market today. The pickup was on the test track with some Model 3s and a Model S. 

While the RAM truck’s presence on the Fremont Factory’s test track has not been explained by Tesla, the presence of testing equipment fitted around the vehicle suggests that the EV maker may be conducting some benchmark testing as part of its Cybertruck development. Benchmark testing is an integral part of vehicle development, after all, as it enables a carmaker to tick off the boxes and ensure that its product is as competitive as possible

Tesla’s apparent benchmark testing of the RAM 1500 TRX as part of its Cybertruck development bodes well for the all-electric pickup truck’s potential. The Cybertruck is designed to disrupt both pickups that are designed for serious work and those that are made to perform. There’s no better benchmark for the ultimate all-electric pickup truck than the best traditional pickup today.  

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