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TikTok User Talks Matching With Matthew Perry On Dating App Raya When She Was 19

TikTok User Talks Matching With Matthew Perry On Dating App Raya When She Was 19

The dating antics of another male celebrity have been divulged to the world.

A TikTok video of a young woman matching with Matthew Perry on Raya has gone viral, with the girl, Kate Haralson posting a video of the pair’s private FaceTime call. Page Six reports that while Haralson initially shared the video to show how older men are “taking advantage” of women on dating apps, she later removed the video because she “did feel a little bit bad.”

Haralson, who is now 20, was 19 years old at the time of the call.

“A lot of people were saying I’m a bully and mean for posting this, and it made me feel kind of bad, but at the same time, I feel like a lot of guys in Hollywood are talking to all these young girls and it’s something that I think a lot of people should be aware of,” she told the outlet.

Haralson and Perry, who is now 51, matched on Raya last May, with Perry requesting that they speak further on FaceTime after matching. She acquiesced because she thought it would be “funny.” She added, “I was not really thinking anything of it.”

She said that their conversation wasn’t sexual in nature, but it still felt inappropriate due to her age. He asked her a number of questions, including if he’s the same age as her dad. “I don’t think he minded that,” she said. “It kind of felt weird talking to someone my dad’s age and it just felt not right, especially when he knew how young I was.”

She also said she didn’t initially intend to post the clip of their call on TikTok. “Honestly, I never really had any intention of posting it, but then I saw that one video, and thought, ‘Oh, this would be funny,’” she said. “I didn’t expect it to blow up as fast as it did.” The video she’s referring to is another recent viral clip in which a woman didn’t think she had actually matched with Ben Affleck until he sent her a DM.

Perry and Haralson never met up in real life, though he did supposedly suggest that she get tested for COVID and “come over.”

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