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Trey Songz Arrested After Brawl With Police Officer

Trey Songz Arrested After Brawl With Police Officer

Trey Songz was arrested following an altercation with a police officer over the weekend.

Video obtained by TMZ shows the R&B singer and the cop in a brawl caught-on-camera during the Kansas City Chiefs’ NFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday (Jan. 24). The officer leans over to detain Trey, who lands a punch at the cop’s head before placing him in a headlock. The officer then pins Trey to a seat and a struggle ensues.

According to a witness, the incident started when Trey was being heckled by fans seated a few rows behind him. He asked them to stop before the officer approached Trey and “went after him.” Trey was apparently caught off guard and started to defend himself.

Fans can be heard shouting at the officer, telling him to stop as security and off-duty sheriff’s deputies arrived for backup. At one point, someone calls for the cop’s arrest. “[Trey] didn’t do nothing wrong. That dude was out of control,” one man can be heard saying.

Trey and the cop were eventually separated and Trey was handcuffed. He was arrested and taken into custody for trespassing, resisting arrest—both misdemeanors—and for assaulting a police officer, a low-grade felony. He is on a 24-hour hold at Jackson County Detention Center and is expected to be released Monday night.

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