Aiden's Army - #AidenStrong | Black Tee

$ 20.00 USD

This is a T-shirt in support of 11 year old Aiden in his battle against cancer. Proceeds from sales of this tee will go towards his fundraiser towards getting great care to beat cancer.


Last year was one of the most trying in our history and going into 2021 Aiden and his parents; Janine & Jason and Chris & Stephanie hoped for a fresh start.  Unfortunately , soon into the New Year they received news no family ever wants to hear and it would try them more than 2020 ever did.

Aiden is an active 10 year old who plays football and rides horses with his mom, so when he started to complain about a sore leg it was easy to assume he had strained it.  Unlike a normal leg sprain or muscle ache Aidens pain did not go away so his parents decided a visit to his doctor was in order.  During the visit an X-ray was taken and the result was unexpected.

On the X-ray a large lump on Aidens upper calf was visible.  The doctor was immediately concerned as she recognized the similarity to a tumor.  Within hours the family went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for further tests, which unfortunately did not bring positive news.  MRI’s, a CT scan, a biopsy, blood work and a myriad of other tests confirmed that Aiden had a Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer effects less than 200 children a year.

This news shocked the family and at that moment their lives changed forever. The first step was a PET scan to determine if the cancer had spread to other parts of Aiden’s body.  Fortunately, Aiden and his parents received good news that the cancer had not spread but was attached to his fibula bone. Regardless the next steps the doctor outlined would not make  for an easy road for Aiden.

On January 18th Aiden had his 1st round of chemo to help shrink the tumor.  After a few months of chemo Aiden will have another MRI to see how much the tumor has shrunk.  Based off this Aiden will either  have surgery and radiation or just surgery. The best prognosis would be only surgery and no radiation. Regardless of the results, this will not be a short process and Aiden and his parents will be dealing with doctor visits, test, prescriptions, and expenses for the next year.

Aiden is a wonderful young man who is kind and considerate. His parents have raised him to be a good person, which is an important attribute. Aidens teachers love him and he gets straight A’s; he even was a finalist in the spelling bee.  Aiden has many friends at school too and enjoys playing Xbox with them.  Aiden is the type of boy that every parent wishes they had, and his handling of his cancer diagnosis is a testament to that.  He has been so positive through all of this, and much more calm and optimistic than most kids would be.  Janine and Chris are blessed to call him their son.

The next year is going to be a long, arduous road for the family. Not only the toll that the cancer will take on Aiden, there is also a huge financial burden on  the family even with health insurance. The first medication they needed to get was $7,500, and after insurance the cost was $2,000. This diagnosis is the worst thing Aiden and his parents could ever get and the financial impact is going to be insurmountable. If you feel inclined to help or donate I am certain they would be grateful.

Please keep Aiden and his family in your prayers